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Athlete: A Photo Preset Collection & Workshop

Athlete: A Photo Preset Collection & Workshop

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12 Lightroom photo presets designed for versatile use in multiple gym, studio, fitness and training settings.

Bonus: Lightroom Tutorial and Workshop included in 4-part video series.

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What's inside the preset collection?

If you're sick of purchasing presets only to have them not fit your images, I totally know how you feel. This versatile preset pack not only comes with 12 different presets, but I'm also including 4 video tutorials and a workshop on different images to ensure that they work for you.

I spent over a decade working in fitness studios and gyms as a teacher and a trainer. I know how difficult and inconsistent lighting situations can be. Finding the right tones and colors to achieve a certain aesthetic for your images is hard, so I made this preset pack for us.

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12 Custom Graded Presets for Adobe Lightroom

I used 3 different locations, 3 different models varying skin tones and 2 lighting situations per location. I have tested these presets on multiple indoor locations as well as some outdoor locations that have nothing to do with the gym and they fit. While no preset is one-size fit's all, there was a strong focus on skin tone and versatility in setting when I made these. Every look is very different, but ultimately helps to create a cohesive aesthetic.

4 Part Video Tutorial & Lightroom Workshop

This collection incudes a 4 part video series that includes:

  • Preset Installation & Application
  • Basic tour & tutorial on Lightroom tools necessary for preset application
  • Preset application workshop and tutorial
  • Tutorial on stylizing and optimizing presets with a few of Lightroom's creative tools

PDF Photo Reference File

This reference sheet includes all before and after photos used to create these presets as well as notes on which presets work best for what settings. This is especially helpful if you struggle to get presets to work for your images or struggle with color and creating an aesthetic in general. I've included some basic rules to hopefully help set you up for success.

Compatible on Desktop & Mobile

Upon checkout, you will receive a link to download a 2 folders - one for mobile and one for desktop. The mobile folder can be accessed from your phone. If you do not have the Lightroom app, you will need to download it. I cannot guarantee this will work in other apps, but any software that reads .DNG files should . All desktop files are .XMP. A tutorial video for installation is included with purchase.

Software Compatibility

Presets are compatible with Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic and Lightroom Mobile.

Will this work with iPhone or Android images?

As long as your picture isn't too over-exposed (too bright) or under-exposed (too dark) these will work great on your images, just make sure you're applying to the images as they come out of the camera and aren't already edited with some other preset, otherwise they will look overly harsh.

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